if female women are allowed to cut/trim their hair to enhance growth

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Date: Thursday, 24th March, 2011




if female women are allowed to cut/trim their hair to enhance growth


i wish to find out: if female women are allowed to cut/trim their hair to enhance growth. i’d like to grow it but it has long thin ends at bottom. are we allowed.
2) i have a 9 year old daughter, she is getting hair under her arms. should she remove them now or not yet but after her periods.
3) i saw a dream whereby my my uncle (who passed away 2 years ago) asked me for 2/3 rotis (chappati) and then started running after me. what should i make of this ? what should i do
4) i have a 2 year old and 1 year old who are very stubborn, bad tempered. could you give me a surah/dua to read on them to make them humble and calm.  aswell as for a 9 year old daughter who appears switched off and does not listen.
5) i have difficulty in getting up for fajr could you give me dua to help me get up.
6) finally: i was pregnant with younger 2 and started to read sitting down as i was bleeding a lot during pregnancy. help i cannot get out of this habit. i know its wrong to read while sitting. what should i do to encourage better habit. i do try very hard but something stops me. please remember me in your prayers inshallah


Muhtaram / Muhtaramah

In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāh wa-barakātuh.


1) If a woman has split ends in her hair, then it would be permissible for her to trim the edges of her hair in order to enhance the growth of her hair. (Apke Masail aur Unka Hal Vol. 7 Pg. 128 Maktaba Ludhanwiyyah)

2) If a girl begins growing unwanted hair before she can start her periods she should remove the unwanted hair.

3) This dream could interpreted that you should send esaal-e-thawab for your deceased uncle.

4) Dua’s and wafeeza’s are only effective when a person leads his life according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the lifestyle of Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم. Therefore, we firstly advise you to hold strong onto the teachings of the Sharia. Secondly, it is important that you bring up your children with a correct Islamic behavior. With dua, means should also be adopted. Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم is reported to have said:

حدثنا أيوب بن موسى عن أبيه عن جده أن رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم-

قال « ما نحل والد ولدا من نحل أفضل من أدب حسن ».

“No father has given his child a better gift than good manners” (Tirmidhi 2079)

Furthermore, we advise you to empower your children with correct Islamic knowledge. Also, the environment at home should be one which encourages the child to conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner. If the environment at home is one of tolerance, forbearance and patients, most definitely these qualities would be imparted to the child. The television also has a great impact on the character of the person therefore; we advise that if you have a TV you should get rid of it. Last but not least, you should also consistently pray for your children. You could recite the following dua:

رب أوزعني أن أشكر نعمتك التي أنعمت علي وعلى والدي وأن أعمل صالحا ترضاه

وأصلح لي في ذريتي إني تبت إليك وإني من المسلمين (15)

My Lord, grant me that I offer gratitude for the favour You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I do righteous deeds that You like. And set righteousness, for my sake, in my progeny. Of course, I repent to you, and truly I am one of those who submit to You. (46:15)


5) Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم advised that a person should not engage himself in useless activities after praying the Easha prayer. Going early to bed will also help in getting up early. One could also recite the following dua:


{ رب اجعلني مقيم الصلاة ومن ذريتي ربنا وتقبل دعاء (40) }

My Lord, make me steadfast in Salāh, and my offspring as well.

And, Our Lord, grant my prayer. [14:40]


Below are a few guidelines which would help one in getting up:

a) Keep a loud alarm clock.

b) Keep it away from the bed so that you need to walk to it to put it off.

c) Ponder over Allahs special mercy descending at that time. In not waking up, you will lose out tremendously.

d) What will your attitude be if someone offers you a million rand on condition you come to him at 4 a.m.? Why lose the unlimited millions given by Allah at Fajr time?

6) The shaitan is preventing you from standing and praying salah. Qiyam (standing in salah) is compulsory (for he who is able to stand). You should be strong not give in to the whispers of shaitan, and Insha-Allah in a few days you will find that you are perfectly able to read salah standing. You should also understand that salah performed whilst sitting for no valid reason is invalid and thus needs to be repeated. You should also pray to Allah Ta’ala to grant you and your family the ability to practice on the Sharia in its pristine form.

And Allah knows best
Darul Iftaa

Madrasah Inaa’miyya



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