Application for Admission

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Requirements for Admission:
Admission is open to all males ages 14 and above. An admission form has to be filled indicating the course and level for study intended. A report of any previous studies completed should be submitted as well. An entry examination will be conducted to determine the appropriate level and course of study. Applications are to be submitted before or at the beginning of the new academic year. The new academic year begins in January. Admission is subject to availability of space. It is at the sole discretion of the Administration to accept or reject admission to anyone.


1.Please read ” disciplinary code “

2. see also” Foreign Application”

Procedure for admission:
The following forms are to be completed and signed:

Application form
Admission rules and regulations and living quarters rules and regulations form.

The following documents should be submitted together with the above:
Copy of student’s identity document, birth certificate or passport.
Copy of father’s or guardian’s I.D.
Medical Reports (if any)
Previous Madrasah report
An applicant will only be registered once all of the above documents have been handed in, fees paid and a student number issued.

concerning the monthly fee please email