The Temperament Of A Woman

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Understanding The Temperament Of A Woman   Once, a heated argument took place between Imam Abu Yusuf رحمه الله and his wife and she decided to isolate herself from him. In anger, he said to her, "If you do not speak to me by tonight, you are divorced." He continued trying every possible means to get her to speak to him, but she adamantly refused to utter a single word. In desperation, he decided to proceed to Imam Abu Hanifa رحمه … [Read more...]

Racial Equality

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Racial Equality Once Abu Dharr, an Arab from the tribe of Ghifar, became angry with Bilal of Abyssinia, the freed slave of Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with them. The dispute intensified until Abu Dharr in his fury said to Bilal, "Son of a black woman!" Bilal complained to the Prophet, peace be upon him, who addressed Abu Dharr saying, "Did you call him a name reviling his mother? It appears that you still have traces of … [Read more...]