My Aunts Don’t Dress Appropriately, What Should I Do?

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Question: Assalamualaikum Scholars of Islam My question is a bit weird, but I want to know the Islamic ruling from Authentic sources. my aunties ( my mother's and father's sisters) do not cover their chest appropriately. They are far from Deen and they visit us regularly. My mother spoke to them about it. They say it's nothing wrong if nephews look at it as there are no bad thoughts.  I do not have any bad thoughts but … [Read more...]

The Cellphone Epidemic Desecrating the Masjid

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The Cellphone Epidemic  Desecrating the Masjid While the cellphone has brought great advancements and ease in communication, the spiritual harm it has wrought is tremendous as well. The advent of Blackberry or any cellphone  has exacerbated this harm to monstrous levels. Today with a touch of a button, we communicate instantly to our business contacts and family, thousands of miles away, and with the touch of button we destroy our Imaan with … [Read more...]