Allahu Mawjoodun Bilaa Makaan

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Assalaamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Mufti Saheb, some people known as the Ahbaash, have the `Aqeedah that “Allahu Mowjoodun Bilaa Makaan” (Allah Exists Without a Place), and that the belief that Allah is everywhere (Omni-Present), is a belief of Kufr.

They say that all those Aayaat in the Qur’aan Kareem such as: “Wa Huwa Ma`akum Ayna Maa Kuntum”, “Maa Yakoonu min Najwaa Thalaathatin Illaa Huwa Raabi`uhum”, “Innannee Ma`akumaa Asma`u wa Araa”, are all “Bi `Ilmihee”, (i.e. The Ma`iyyat of Allah refers to his `Ilm alone, and not that he is physically with the Makhlooq.)

They claim that if Allah is everywhere, then this would mean he is in the night-clubs, toilets, pig-sties, and even in the glass of wine; so this would be a Nuqsaan in regards to Allah.

Furthermore, they say it was the opinion of all the Salaf and Khalaf of this Ummah that Allah exists without a place. They quote that Hazrat `Ali (Radiyallahu `Anhu wa Karrama Wajhahul Kareem) said: “Kaanallahu wa laa Makaan, wa Huwa-l-Aana `alaa maa `alayhi kaan.” and Imaam Zayn-ul-`Abideen (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi): “Subhaanaka Laa Yahweeka Makaan”, and it is the view of Imaam at-Tahaawi in al-`Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyah, and the view of Imaam Taqiyy-ud-Deen as-Subkiyy (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi), and Imaam Fakhr-ud-Deen ibn `Asaakir (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi), and Imaam Fakhr-ud-Deen Raazi (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi), and Imaam an-Nasafi (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi), and Imaam as-Suyootiyy (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi), and the view of Imaam ibn Hajr al-Asqalaani (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi), and the view of Mullah `Ali Qaari (Rahmatullahi `Alayhi). And besides them, the entire Khalaf also held this view.

For this reason, they say that the Ghair Muqallideen/Salafis are Mujassimah Kuffaar for saying that Allah is above the `Arsh.

However, the view of the Akabireen of Deoband has always been that Allah is everywhere (Omni-Present). So what is Mufti Saheb’s view on this matter?

Jazaakumullahu Khayran.

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Read Tafseer Ma’ariful Quraan of mufti shafee’ saheb under, “We are more closer to him than his jugular vein.”

There are two opinions here; The Ulema of Zaahir are of the opinion that this Mai’yyat is Bil Ilm, whereas the Awliyaaullah (the ulema of baatin) say that Allah has a special Qurb with his creation which cannot be explained in words. Just as the kayfiyyat of Allah’s sam’ and basar cannot be explained, His qurb cannot be explained either. Allah is Allah. His attributes are as He Himself is.

Imam Shafi’ee has said “Every mawsoof’s awsaaf are according to His zaat”. We cannot comprehend the zaat of Allah so how can we visualise His sifaat.

Allah is very close to His makhlooq. When a person busies himself in the Rememberance of Allah, the realisation of this Qurb increases. When one is in negligence, this realisation decreases and if one distances himself from Allah, it turns into Bu’d, until it reaches the level of qasaawah. (hard heartedness)

When one is in dire need of Allah’s help, the realisation of this qurb gets to it’s peak. This is why Musa A.S said at the shore of the sea, “Inna Maiya Rabbi”, (when bani Israeel said we are doomed; Firawn is going to annihilate us.)

In ghaare thawr, Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam said “La Tahzan Inna Allah ma’ana.”

What you have narrated from some people is extremely disrespectful to the high rank of Allah jalla jalaluhu. They take this mai’yyat as physical and that is why they make such remarks nauzu billah. The ahlussunnah never claim that Allah has a physique. Therefore, these objections seems to portray exactly what you said that such people are mujassimah. So just ignore them.

Finally, this is a delicate mas’alah. The general public’s mind should not be boggled by raising such issues, regarding which one will not be questioned in the grave. Worry about the hereafter and make your life practical. Practice as much as you can; that will benefit you on the day of judgement.

And Allah KNows Best