The Activities of the Qadiyaanis

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The Activities of the Qadiyaanis


The followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian are called Qadianis or Abmadis, whether they may regard him as a real Prophet; or a ‘Zilli or Buroozi’ (through rebirth according to Hindus’ reincarnation) Prophet; as the ‘Masih Mau’ud; a reformer; (Muhaddas) (one who talks with God), Hazrat Ibrahim, Sri Krishna, even God. Whatever may they regard him, they are invariably non-Muslims, rather traitors, both to Islam and to the Millat-e-Islamiyah. But they fraudulently claim to be one of the Muslim sects like the Hanafis, the Malikis, the Shafies and the Hanbalis, who are undoubtedly pristine and puritan Muslims. There is not an iota of truth in the Qadianis’ such fraudulent claims. This is a worst type of fraud on their part, motivated to misguide the simple-minded Muslims. The Qadianis are unanimously held by the recognised authorities of Islam to be non-Muslims, and not a Muslim sect, whether they may belong to the ‘Rabwa group or to the ‘Lahore’ group. Both groups are non-Muslims.


[In the 19th Century] Indian Muslims rallied in thousands under the banner of revolt [Jehad] raised by the great Syed [Ahmed Shaheed]. Not unduly, the British masters were perturbed by the upsurge. In Sudan, Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad gave the call of Jehad and Mehdism which rattled the Western imperialists. They knew that if the spark was allowed to blaze forth it would become uncontrollable. And, then, they saw the Pan-Islamic movement of Syed Jamaluddin Afghani gaining in popularity. The threat that all this spelt for their colonial structure was too obvious to be ignored. The only way to hold them [Muslims] in check was, thus, to make use of their religious susceptibilities… Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was a victim of frustration and mental unrest and wanted very much to be the founder of a new faith so that he, too, may have devotees and followers and his name, also went down in history like that of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him), was picked up by the British Government to fulfill the mission. No one could be more suited to work among the Muslims towards that objective.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad launched his endeavour with great alacrity. At first he laid claim to the station of a Renovators – then promoted himself and declared that he was Imam Mehdi, after some time the glad tidings of being the Promised Messiah reached him and, finally, he was the Prophet. The design of the British masters had been put into effect. It had been carried out admirably! The Mirza played his part very well and nothing was left wanting by way of British patronage also. His security and protection was looked after with care and diligence and all sorts of facilities were made available to him. The Qadiani, on his side, was not an ungrateful soul. He never forgot the favours conferred by the Government nor tired of proclaiming that his advancement was solely due to its benevolence. In one of his articles he declares himself to be a “seedling of the British Government,” and makes a display of his unswerving faithfulness in these words:

“The greater part of my life has been spent in supporting and defending the British Government. I have written so many books regarding the prohibition of Jehad and loyalty to the British that, were they to be gathered together, they would fill fifty almirahs. I have distributed these books in all countries: Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Kabul and Rum.’

At another place, the Mirza writes:

“From my early age till now when I am about sixty years old, I have been engaged with my pen and tongue in an important task: to turn the hearts of Muslims towards true love, goodwill and sympathy for the British Government, and to obliterate the idea of Jehad from the hearts of the less wise among them, since these stand in the way of sincerity and frank and honest mutual relations”

The movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad furnished excellent spies, faithful friends and sell-sacrificing agents to the British Government. Some of his followers did yeomen service to it, both in India and abroad, and did not hesitate even to shed their blood for its sake, such as Abdul Latif Qadiani who was an enthusiastic preacher of the Qadiani faith in Afghanistan and [who] also did his best to refute the concept of Jehad. He was executed by the Afghan Government because it was feared that the kind of preaching he indulged in would drive out from the Afghans the spirit of valour for which they were known all over the world. In the same way, Mulla Abdul Halim Qadiani and Mulla Nur Ali Qadiani were executed in Afghanistan, for certain papers were found in their possession which proved that they were the agents and spies of the British and their job was to conspire against the Afghan Government, as is apparent from the statement issued by the Minister of Interior of Afghanistan in 1925, and the official organ of the Qadiani movement, Al-Fazl, too, has published this statement in its issue of March 3, 1925, and displayed this event as an act of glowing self-sacrifice!

The Qadiani community, in sum, kept strictly away from all nationalist movements, from its inception. It took no part in the struggle for freedom, neither during the lifetime of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, nor after his death. What is more, it took pleasure in the injustices and atrocities perpetrated by the Western Imperialists on the Islamic World. The Qadianis remained completely indifferent to all-popular endeavours of the Muslims, and to the problems and movements which sprang from Islamic consciousness. Their sole concern was to engage in religious polemics and make minute distinctions in argument or issues like the death of the Messiah, the life of the Messiah, the descension of the Messiah and the Apostleship of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

[Brief extracts from “Qadianism – A Critique”, by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, published by Young Mens ‘s Muslim Association, P. O.Box 18594, Actonville, 1506, South Africa.]

A Tale of the Underground Activities of the Qadianis

As the 2nd half of the 20th century passed, rays of hope dawned for the Muslim world. Islam in the last was set free from the shackles of colonial administration. Along with it, ahead of a deep religious consciousness, the wave of cultural and intellectual alertness flowed (emerged). But immediately, weapons were checked anew from the other side and new snares were laid for the Muslims. Conspiracies were made. Extraordinary dexterities (measures) were adopted, so much so that, now, after approximately 50 years, at the end of the century, Muslims are surrounded by trials and tests from all sides.

A trial from amongst these very frightful trials is the infidelistic movement of Qadianism, which our society has become the running target of. This evil (of Qadianism) is spreading very rapidly in most of the countries of the world. The manner in which this movement is being propagated, is also astonishing. On the other hand, the simplicity with which efforts are being made to confront it, leaves one’s mind and intellect compelled to say,

‘Look at your own simplicity
But look at the craftiness of others too. Yahya Nu’mani’

After adjudging the Qadianis as non-Muslims, the Muslim World has resolved to relieve themselves from the incumbent responsibility of casting a watchful eye over the external and secret activities of the Qadianis, whereas, after the historical decision of 1974, the responsibilities of Muslim organizations — Islamic governments in particular -had increased. The duty of keeping a strict observation of the underground activities of the Qadianis and to render unsuccessful their plans against Islamic governments ought to have continued, but sadly, that has not happened and the severe consequences thereof are now surfacing.

According to some reports, an organized and arranged network of the Qadianis is existent in approximately 150 countries of the world. In fact, Mirza Tahir Ahmed has received a VIP protocol (status) in all non-Islamic countries which (in certain countries, is no less than a Protocol which some Heads of State receive). In 1989, the Ahmadiyya sect celebrated their centenary festival in Pakistan and all over the world, during which their objectives throughout the world were surveyed and their goals for the next 25 years were ascertained.

…In 1983/84, when a detailed report regarding the activities of the Qadianis was presented to General Zia-ul-Haq, he discreetly began an urgent move (covert operation), the aim of which was to remove Qadiani appointments from the army, secret institutions, bureaucracy, NGO’s, embassies, communications, Foreign Department, television, radio and other key posts. A few members were removed from the army on the basis of contravening the disciplinary code, but after a list of the remaining persons was prepared, it was unable to be executed. According to some reports, currently (too) there are Qadianis present in all the mentioned departments (stated earlier). In the meanwhile, a group, “the Movement to preserve the finality of Prophethood” had also prepared an agenda, but due to various reasons, even a minimal percentage of that was not acted upon.

Included amongst the designs, aims and objectives of the “Movement to preserve the finality of Prophethood” — as recorded in their booklet – are these two important points too (which are probably in the grade of not having been acted upon):

• Along new lines, utilizing the electronic and print media in future, to forestall the activities of the Qadianis against Islam and the state.
• Setting up centers in different cities to keep a watchful eye over the Qadianis.

It is also necessary to mention here, this bitter fact, that when the previous Pakistani Government had to encounter (confront) the worst and most menacing sectarian revolution in history in the first few months of coming into power, the secretariat of the Inspector General of the police, along with all secret and sensitive institutions, submitted written reports to the government that several Qadiani organizations too have a hand in further fanning the religious sectarian revolution in Pakistan. Doubts were even raised about the existence of Qadiani persons in the Prime Minister’s office, secretariat. Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry, the close circles and aides of the Prime Minister and their important officers, which was a security risk. Those who had the power to submit a report, pointed out the basic cause of the mutiny and discord, but those who had the power to enforce the report, remained advisedly silent and the matter was squashed. These are the very same expediencies which are harming Pakistan.

In 1989, on the occasion of the centenary celebrations, with reference to the good work of the century, the Qadianis distributed a voluminous magazine amongst their members, wherein was recorded important Qadiani centers in 120 countries and details of their network of propagation (tabligh). According to recent reports, formal fixed centers and lower constitutional institutions are found in 150 countries, to which have been entrusted the responsibility of different continents.

Under the supervision of Mirza Tahir Ahmed, included amongst the countries wherein important centers of the Qadianis are in operation, are – in particular – countries like, Liberia, Ghana, Gambia, Indonesia, Techiman, Fiji, Ivory Coast, London, Glasgow, Frankfurt (Germany), Senegal, Sweden, Amsterdam (Holland), Bangladesh, New York, Japan, West Java, Malaysia, Singapore, Rosehill (Mauritius), Norway, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

On the 12th of September 1983, a hail was booked in the Paramount Hotel of Singapore for a meeting under the chairmanship of Mirza Tahir Ahmed, the leader of the “Ahmedia Movement’. Dynamic members of functioning Qadiani organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Saba and Singapore, attended this meeting. Propagatory matters of the “Qadiani Movement” were surveyed, and upon culmination of the meeting, Mirza Tahir Ahmed issued instructions to all participants in his key address. Upon completion of the first sitting, Mirza Tahir Ahmed had a three hour-long meeting in a separate room of the very same Paramount Hotel with a few people who had arrived from Germany, Britain, Pakistan and India.

According to the report of a non-governmental Islamic organization monitoring the Qadianis, close attention was paid in this meeting to disrupt and undermine those Islamic madrasahs and Islamic centers which were in operation in different countries of the world — in particular, those which were being run under the management of individuals of the Deobandi and AhleHadith school of thought. Further meetings of the series of this very meeting continue taking place in “Islamabad”, a place in London. Regarding them, some important sources reveal that there is a joint mission of Qadiani organizations upon this agenda, that a watchful eye should be kept on such religious institutions and universities in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Maldives, which belong to the Deobandi school of thought, viz. what program do the Qadiani organizations have against Deobandi Madrasahs in particular, in the mentioned countries.

The most important Qadiani centers are located in West Java, Senegal, Sweden, Germany and Britain. The Jungles of West Java are reckoned as the safest place to provide military and espionage training for the Qadianis. Training camps are set up in the Jungles of West Java for several weeks, where trained individuals from organizations of non-Islamic countries train the Qadianis. A number of Muslims arriving from Britain, America and Germany, who are Qadianis in reality, depart on different missions — though they do not reveal themselves as Qadianis.

According to one report, important meetings of the Qadianis are held in a building known as Nasir Mosken in Sweden. Mirza Tahir Ahmed has chosen such countries and places in the world, where according to his thoughts, all meetings, training courses and his series of meetings with non-Islamic organizations would remain guarded against the secret intelligence of Islamic countries. According to one report, all expenses of the annual gatherings of the Qadianis in Germany and Britain, which run up to millions of dollars, are settled by the non-Muslims. According to some reports, hundreds of villages of African countries have accepted the Qadiani school of thought. Under the name of Islam people of these villages are being lured into Qadianism.

Non-Muslims regard Mirza Tahir Ahmed as the Pope John Paul of Muslims. In some reports, this fear is expressed, that copies of the Holy Qur’an which the Qadianis are distributing in different countries, are altered or tampered with.

This much is not hidden from anyone now, that Qadiani and Christian missionary organizations are engaged in joint plans of propaganda against Islam and Islamic countries through the agency of private channels of special broadcasting companies of the world. Regarding Muslims, misleading propaganda is aired at specific times on special frequencies. Muslims are branded as extremists and Islamic penalties (penal codes) are labeled (viewed) as contravening human rights.

According to certain reports received regarding Mirza Tahir Ahmed, the Qadianis have enlisted the services of some such lobbying firms in America and Britain, which are lobbying against Pakistan in institutions like the United Nations, the American Foreign Office and International Monetary Fund. With the permission of the respective governments, Mirza Tahir Ahmed and thousands of Qadianis lecture to Muslim children in the colleges, universities and schools of Muslim communities in Europe and Africa, portraying Qadianism as the true Islam.

According to certain reports received from Britain, several dinners (functions) are held under the chairmanship of Mirza Tahir Ahmed in different cities of Britain, where, together with Qadiani men and women, English men and women are present too. During this dinner, wine and other essentials are offered to the guests. On these occasions, the Qadianis present Islam as a liberal and secular religion, due to which important personalities and parliamentarians of Britain generally attend such dinner parties too.

Meetings at the Islamic center of the Ahmadiyya’s in Rosehill (Mauritius), the Nasir Baagh area in Germany and Mission House in Norway, are such places, where, along with Mirza Tahir Ahmed, the representatives of International non-Islamic Missionary Institutions attend. Acquiring a German or British visa is not too difficult for any Qadiani.

In the Dar-us-Salaam university of Tanzania too, Mirza Tahir Ahmed continues lecturing on the subject of Islam. Under the supervision of “Majlis-e-Khuddam-ul-Ahmediyyah”, the local governments of Britain and Germany provide special aid for their annual meetings. In the past fifteen years, meeting high-ranking officials of over 100 states, Mirza Tahir Ahmed has acquired aid for the propagation of Qadianism. In the above-mentioned period, along with the Governor General of Mauritius, Sir Dave Amawami Rangado, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Sir An’rod Jagnath, the Prime Minister of Tanzania, Joseph Ari Uba and the Premier of the Ivory Coast, he continued meeting other important personalities. In Freetown, Sierra Leone too, there are training centers of the Ahmadiyya.

Under the name of Qadianism, the International Ahmadiyya Association is causing great harm to Islam. In Britain, their special place (abode) is Baitul Fadhl, where different personalities departing from Pakistan reside.

In January 1998, in Islamabad, London, the representatives of three important NGO’s of Pakistan attended the senior leadership meeting of the Qadianis. According to sources, in this meeting, the good work of the NGO’s in Pakistan was adjudged to be satisfactory. According to some reports, thousands of Muslim youth from Pakistan were successful in leaving for Britain and Germany with the help of the Qadianis, where they married into Qadiani homes. Currently, many of these youth are rendering propagatory services in different countries as supporters of the Qadianis.

It has come to light regarding Mirza Tahir Ahmed, that he has splendid mansions in America, Britain, Germany, and Singapore. Moreover, the value of his properties run into hundreds of million dollars. Along with the four mentioned mansions, there is a modern satellite system, from where, including Pakistan and India, he directly addresses approximately 50 countries via satellite. Thereafter, hundreds of thousands of audio and videocassettes of his discourses are circulated in different countries of the world.

Besides Pakistan, in approximately 100 countries, according to a regular schedule, tours are arranged for Mirza Tahir Ahmed to such schools where there is a majority of Muslim children. There, under the patronage of Mirza Tahir Ahmed, along with gifts, such Islamic booklets are distributed wherein Mirza Goolam Ahmed Qadiani is recognized as the final Nabi and the holiest personality of the Muslims. There is also an arrangement prevalent for Muslim families to take the oath of allegiance on the hands of Mirza Tahir Ahmed.

The activities of the Qadianis and the growing succession of their propaganda in 150 countries of the world in association with non-Islamic Institutions, is a matter of concern for Islamic countries. Under such circumstances, Muslims need to caution and inform their new offspring (i.e. the future generation) about the true background of the existence of Qadianis and the reality of Mirza Goolam Ahmed Qadiani.

[Courtesy the weekly “Nida-i-Millat “, Lahore.]