The Arabs Must Win

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by Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi [ra]

Inconceivable Success

It is undoubtedly true that international Zionism has been successful in achieving many of its objectives beyond even its wildest dreams. Most of these aims would have earlier appeared to be simply airy hopes and day dreams even to the Jews themselves, much less to the Arabs or, for that matter, to any other people, but these have since been attained quite easily and are now accomplished facts.

The Establishment of Israel

The State of Israel was first established in the centre of the Arab world, near its sacred places, and then it was strengthened and abetted by the Zionists to inflict a grievous blow to the most powerful nation of the Arabs. It was enabled to destroy not only the Egyptian Air Force in a few hours but also to capture Jerusalem along with the West-Bank of Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula within a couple of days. What is even more dangerous for the Arabs, however, is the loss of self-confidence and the shattering of their will and determination to fight their foe. Almost all the cities of Egypt are now within the striking range of Israel which has also wrested several strategic hill positions from Syria. Now almost at will, the Israelis have the audacity to strafe the aerodromes and military sites of the surrounding Arab countries. It would seem to want to enslave the entire Arab world and take possession of even our holy places in Saudi Arabia.

The Aims of Zionism

Several Israeli leaders have not been deemed it worthwhile to keep secret their despicable aim to recapture all those towns of pre-Islamic Arabia which had, at one time or another, been subjugated by them. Zionism now looks forward to the day when it will become the greatest power on earth, as promised in the Talmud and the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, and when all the world’s heads of state deem it an honour to serve Pax Judaeica.

The Fundamental Question

All this is a matter of grave concern which requires our immediate attention. We should ask ourselves whether the happenings in the past are also a portent of a grim future when Zionism can achieve its terrible objectives, which are yet to be accomplished? Will all Muslims and Arabs be left to the tender mercies of a handful of scheming and ambitious Jews? Will the Jews continue to achieve these astounding victories one after another till they manage to dominate the entire world? Will they be able to attain all these sinister aims to propagate their intolerably arrogant view of Jewish racial superiority and, thereby, enforce the supposedly promised ascendancy of the Children of Israel with the might of arms? Will they be enable to wield the scepture of authority over the nations of the world so as to dictate, guide and enforce obedience over them in the way certain nations and religious and ideological communities had been allowed by providence, in their own heyday of supremacy, to enjoy such privilege in the past?

We cannot of course, give any conclusive or final answer to these questions unless we cast a glance over this wondrous and limitless universe. Unless we direct our thoughts to its Superb Creator, His nature and Attributes, the laws promulgated by Him for conducting the affairs of the world as well as the historical process and experience gained by man during his terrestrial sojourn on this planet.

We can only give a satisfactory answer to the questions posed earlier after taking into account the innate predilections and capabilities of mankind. If we examine its inherent learnings towards vice and virtue and the destiny of the human race which is unmistakably indicated by the innermost purpose of the Divine Law governing the cosmos.

Divine Will

Now, are we to assume that the Lord and Creator of the Universe was created our planet simply for unfolding an uncanny drama of senseless destruction and devastation, devilish violence and turmoil, cleverly-concealed espionage coupled with cloak-and-dagger tactics? Has this vast panorama of nature- the superb mechanism of the Universe exhibiting order and design, beauty and grace, unity and purpose- been created merely to suffer the domination of a race which is allegedly the progeny of certain Prophets of pre-historic times? Was Divine Guidance vouchsafed to mankind, Divine Revelation brought by the Prophets of God and the path of truth and piety walked by the illustrious sons of Adam merely to pass on the sceptre of authority to a certain people who claim to be the “chosen race” and the “Children of God”1 by virtue of their inheriting a few particles of blood from the Prophets of old. Let i also be known that this is claim which can neither be verified even by the most powerful microscope nor established by any valid scientific definition.

Vicious Assumptions

Now, if we agree with the Jewish claim that they are the only people endowed with the endless capabilities of head and heart, that intelligence and wisdom are their exclusive domain and that all other nations are no better than worthless chaff, devoid of brains and intellect, talent and prudence, then, one should have no difficulty in acknowledging the other claim too that these “holy people unto the Lord” have been chosen “above all nations that are upon the earth” to rule over them. The Jews would then be justified in their claim that the goyim (A Yiddish term meaning Gentiles or non-Jews )- a flock of sheep- should be entrusted to the care of their wolves, that if the Jews. It would then indeed be the birthright of the Jews to use non-Jews as pawns in their games of power politics!

Similarly, we would have to assume that human nature is essentially vicious and meritless and that “men with bad instincts are more in number than the good,” that people prize anarchy and destruction more than order and reconstruction. Human nature is assailed with doubt and distrust, its wistful dubiousness brands everything with suspicion, and belong dissatisfied with both its past and future, it is eternally consumed in the fire of its own caprice, hatred, revolt and revenge. The heart of man is an abode of senseless and vicious enmity against everything existing under the sun: man is prone to find fault with everything and to take delight in whatever in shady and dark in his heritage. Being himself burdened with an inferiority complex, he is not prepared to concede equality to others. Indifferent to all values of nobility, virtue and charity, man has no other ideal than the satisfaction of his carnal desire, has no other view of life than crass materialism. As a conqueror, he is a merciless avenging brute but turns into a miserable coward when vanquished. Nothing is bad enough for him if it serves his purpose: deceit, injustice, cruelty, hypocrisy or any other nadir of depravity is ill-beseeming so long as it helpful in achieving his end.

It would have to be assumed, then, that the main prop of human actions and the driving force behind the history of mankind, civilisation and culture, in short, the common urge of humanity, is nothing else than espionage and treachery and that “the principal fact of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertaking.6 The social, culture and economic advancement of humanity depends, in the last analysis, on breaking up family bonds, crossing the limits of decency, fomenting a spirit of revolt and rebellion, popularising intemperate drunkenness and luxurious living. In essence this assumes that the secret hands of the saboteurs and agent provocatures are the only potent instruments for bringing about any change in the existing order. Man has, thus, to repose confidence in deception and fraud, infidelity and treachery, meanness and viciousness; for, notwithstanding the detestable means to be employed, egoism and conceitedness are the only qualities favoured by God and crowned with success.( The Qur’an alludes to the Jews as: “those who earn Thine anger.” The national history of the Jews bears testimony to this revealed truth, certainly as regards their characteristics and behaviour down the ages and the role played by them in world history.)

Let us then also suppose that the besmirched face of humanity has ever been so; instead of having peace, amity, fraternity and kindness, it has always oscillated from one war to another, from one shocking tragedy to another, and from one misery to another. It is ultimately doomed to fall in the raging inferno of hate and anger, wrath and rancour, jealousy and selfishness.

Then, we will also have to assume that prophethood and Divine Revelation are merely fictions; Faith and the search for truth are meaningless; conscience and moral sense do not exist; Divine Law does not exist nor is it necessary for man. There is only one reality, one truth, and that is Jewish racial superiority, purity of blood, noble descent, ancient traditions, hatred of others and an intense and haughty desire to regain the lost glory and possessions of their forefathers, by hook or by crook.

In sum, if we are prepared to accept all these preposterous assumptions, then, undoubtedly, the Jews have a right to “direct humanity towards that order which is defined by nature, namely, submission.” We can also infer from it that the present state of affairs brought about by the conspiracy of international Zionism will continue; the policy of extending its frontiers by ruthlessly grabbing the territories of its neighbours will be successful despite all impediments; and that the insidious plots hatched by satanic Jewish minds will work out according to their plans. Such is the portrait of the Jews which emerges from the books of the Old Testament, the Talmud and the Protocols, the speeches of their leaders, the proceedings of their meetings and, above all, the actions of Zionist leaders after the War in June, 1967.

But we should never forget that this is a picture tinged with caprice and hatred. This portrait vividly depicts the age-old vendetta nourished by the Jews against all the other nations of the world on the one hand, and the veneration of their own blood to the point of immoral consecration on the other, and which has given birth to their national characteristics of intrigue, crime and violence.

This is not a portrait of the present-day Jew alone: he has been so down the ages. Intrigue and crime, violence and high-handed tactics have been the essential ingredients of the Jewish heritage. There are their inborn tendencies, which can be clearly discerned at any time or place where they have happened to reside. They act as a pivot on which their entire intelligence and endeavour have always revolved. Theirs has been the master mind and the secret hand9 behind every insurrection and revolution, conspiracy and intrigue, lawlessness and anarchy, and every movement designed to foment the social, political, economic and moral disintegration of non-Jewish peoples. An eminent Jew, Dr Oscar Levy, exultingly summed up the characteristics of the Jews when he claimed that in fact they are the rulers of the world; mischief mongers who foment every trouble and turmoil, wherever it might be.