Smoking – Let’s Clear the Air

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Cigarette smoking is the single largest preventable cause of death and disease

The cigarette represents a uniquely dangerous drug. Just like other drugs it is unsafe at any level. Smoking is also addictive and causes harm to everyone; smokers and non smokers – passive smoking.

What’s in a cigarette

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of poisonous chemicals.


An addictive drug found in tobacco smoke. Nicotine increases blood pressure, which makes the heart work harder. Nicotine also affects the brain  and nerves. Most smokers are dependent on nicotine. That is why they feel uncomfortable and get cravings when they go without smoking for a while.

Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust fumes)

Makes the heart beat faster and takes the place of oxygen in the blood.


Coats the lungs like soot in a chimney making it harder to breathe. Tar contains chemicals that causes cancer.

Some Other Poisons:

Arsenic (white ant poison), ammonia (floor cleaner), phenol (paints), naphthalene (mothballs), cadmium (car batteries), acetone (paint stripper), ddt (insecticide), butane (lighter fuel), carbon monoxide (car exhaust), nitrogen oxides and hydroyen cyanide.

Tobacco smoke continues to be an important contributor to toxic air. Exposure to contaminated toxic air in homes, public places, workplaces, parks, children playgrounds and Musjid car parks also affects non-smokers. It irritates the eyes, nose and throat. It can also contribute to or worsen non-smokers breathing and health problems. Tobacco smoke is very dangerous for children and babies.

Tobacco smoke also affects the environment, your worship and angels

Every cigarette is doing you damage

Smoking just one cigarette can have immediate health effects on the body. These include:

1) Temporary increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

2) Slows down blood flow around the body

3) Reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues.

Some long term effects of smoking

Heart and blood vessel disease

Smoking adds to the artery clogging process. This can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Peripheral vascular disease:

Narrowing of the leg arteries leading to blockage.

Chronic bronchitis asthma and emphysema

Results from the breakdown of the cilia (hair like cells for cleaning) in the lungs. The cilia becomes paralysed with cigarette smoke (carbon monoxide) and this reduces their ability to protect the lungs against infection.


Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, also a major cause of cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, larynx and is also linked to cancer of the stomach, pancreas, bladder , kidneys ,etc.


Your blood gets so sticy it can block arteries, which can lead to gangarene and eventually, amputation.

Cigarette smoking also causes: bad breath, stained teeth, stomach and duodenal ulcers, etc.

!! Warning !!

Smoking cigarette Is Haraam. Not permissible in Islaam

M S Sa’eed