Countdown for Ramadaan Begins

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The Countdown for Ramadaan Begins. The countdown has already begun. Less than a month remains for the arrival of Holy Ramadaan.

The very name of Ramadaan evokes a feeling of expectant joy and pleasure in the heart of the Mu’min. A restlessness overtakes the Mu’min in eager anticipation of the Holy month. Sometimes, this feeling even turns to fear and anxiety. “O Allah, will I see Ramadaan this year?” Allah alone knows who will live to see Ramadaan.

The reassurance comes in the form of a fervent Dua, “O Allah bless us in Rajab and Sha’baan and let us make it to Ramadaan.” The Dua for this must continue with vigorous fervour – “O Allah! Let us reach Ramadaan.!” The anticipation of this great month is not just a matter of emotion and thought.

It requires action and activity. Preparation for receiving the honourable guest of Ramadaan must start in earnest right away. Where do I start? What am I to do? Well, a good starting point can be to spare a bit of time daily for preparation of Ramadaan.

A person needs to start by making adjustments to the current lifestyle. The daily timetable must be altered, allowing more time for spiritual rejuvenation. Can I take out quality time from my present busy lifestyle? How much of time and when? Sit down and work it out. Maybe half an hour before Fajr and another half-hour before going to bed? Or will half an hour before and after Isha be more appropriate? Whatever it may be, at least an hour out of 24 hours must be set aside with discipline and consistency from today onwards.

This is time dedicated to Allah and Allah alone. Unless for an emergency, no intrusion in this time must be allowed – no phone calls or other distractions. This time should be spent in developing a strong bond of love and affinity with the Noble Qur’an, with Dua and Zikr. A lot of time must be spent in introspection and self-appraisal. What is my current state of Islam? Strong or weak? What are my main weaknesses? How do I overcome these? Who do I turn to for spiritual help and guidance? Deep, soul-searching questions have to be posed. This is one of the highest form of Ibadah. It is the Ibadah of Fikr or Tafakkur, a moment of which equals many years of Nafl Ibadah.

Finally, all the “T’s” of Ramadaan Shareef must be keptin mind so that when Ramadaan comes, “everything is to the T!”. These “T’s” are: Tilawah, Tahajjud, Taraweeh, Tasbeehat, Tadharru’ (fervent Dua), Tatawwu’ (Nafil Ibadah), Tasahhur (eating Sehri), Taubah (repentance), Tawadhu (humility) and Tafakkur (contemplation).

May Allah Ta’ala make this Ramadaan a turning point in the life of the long-suffering Ummah. Aameen.