Guidelines for Udhiyyah

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Criteria for the Necessity of Udhiyyah

If all of the following criteria is found in an individual during the days of udhiyyah, then it will become necessary on him:

1.       Islām

2.      Freedom

3.      Residence (not traveling)

4.      Possession of anything beyond one’s bare needs and debts equivalent to the value of nisāb

Important Notes:

1.       It is only necessary on the individual to carry out udhiyyah on his behalf, not on behalf of any of his family members; however, if there are young children who meet the abovementioned criteria, then still, the parent/guardian will not carry out the udhiyyah of the children’s wealth.

2.      If an individual does not possess the wealth by which udhiyyah becomes obligatory but he purchases an animal with the intention of udhiyyah, then it will become necessary on him also.

Timing of Udhiyyah

Days: The days of udhiyyah are the 10th, 11th, and 12th of Dhil Hijjah the first day being the most virtuous. (The 13th of Dhil Hijjah is NOT one of the days of udhiyyah.)

Starting Time:

1.       Dwellers of Cities & Townships – after Salāt-ul-‘Eid on the 10th of Dhil Hijjah

2.      Dwellers of Outskirts & Villages – after subh sādiq (true dawn) of the 10th of Dhil Hijjah

Ending Time: sunset of the 12th of Dhil Hijjah

If one was unable to carry out his compulsory udhiyyah in its time, then he must donate the equivalent of the value of a goat. Slaughtering an animal after that time will not offset one’s obligation of udhiyyah.

Animals of Udhiyyah

Permitted for UdhiyyahNOT Permitted for Udhiyyah
1.       Camel5 Yrs. Old1.       Horse
2.      Cow2 Yrs. Old2.      Donkey
3.      Buffalo2 Yrs. Old3.      Llama
4.      Sheep1 Yr. Old4.       Poultry Animals (Chicken, Turkey, etc.)
5.      Goat1 Yr. Old5.       Game (Deer, Buck, etc.)

Note: Up to seven shareholders may take part in the slaughtering of camels, cows, and buffalos.

Defects in the Animal of Udhiyyah

Animals Which Are AllowedDefects Which Are NOT Allowed
1.       Hornless1.       Insanity Preventing from Eating
2.      Having Partially Broken Horn(s)2.      Clear Sickness
3.      Castrated3.      Horn(s) Broken from Root
4.      Mangy (scabs usually on face)4.      Missing Teeth (Preventing from Chewing)
5.      Insane (does not prevent eating)5.      Blindness (in one Eye or Both)
 6.      Significant Loss of Sight
 7.      Significantly Cut Limb(Nose, Ear, Tail, Udders, etc.)
 8.      No Ear
 9.      Dried Up Udder(One in Goat or Sheep & Two in Cow)
 10.   Broken Leg (Preventing from Walking)
 11.    No Tail
 12.   Extreme Weight Loss from Disease

Note: Significance in the chart above is quantified by the loss of more than one-third of a limb.

Parts of the Animal of Udhiyyah

Permissible to ConsumeImpermissible to Consume
1.       Brain1.       Blood
2.      Eyes2.      Gall Bladder
3.      Tongue3.      Glands (Lymph Nodes)
4.      Heart4.      Bladder
5.      Liver5.      Male Private Part
6.      Kidney(s)6.      Testicles
7.      Intestine(s) – Cleaned Out7.      Female Private Part
8.      Stomach  
9.      Spinal Cord  

Checked and Approved by,

Mufti Muhammad Zakariyya Desai.