Hadhrat Haaji Imdaadullah Muhaajir Makki (RA) love for Allah

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In a poem of Hadhrat Haaji Imdaadullah Muhaajir Makki (RA), the following couplet is mentioned:

“You are mine and I am yours, I am yours and you are mine.”
These are some of the words of his poem. He also made du’aa, “O Allah Ta’ala, do not raise me blind from my grave and do not take me blind from this world. Rather, take me away showing me the noor of Your blessed countenance.” This is an expression of ishq (extreme love) for Allah Ta’ala. Whoever has great love for something, he constantly speaks about it.
For this very reason Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Saahib (RA) used to make abndunt zikr. He would relate the sayings of Hajee Imdaadullah (RA), “Now I have become old. I don’t have a long breath anymore. Due to weakness, I now experience short breath. I can only manage to take the name of Allah Ta’ala 180 times in one breadth with dharb.” (dharb is a special movement of the head which help one’s concentration.)