At Home with Du’aa

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Q: What du’aa should one say when he wakes up from sleep?

Answer: “Al-hamdu lillahe allathee ahyaana ba’da maa amaatanaa wa ilayhin-nushoor” (Related by Bukhari and Muslim).

It means: All praise is due to Allah Who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the resurrection.

Q: When entering the bathroom to answer the call of nature what should one say? What should he say when coming out of the bathroom?

Answer: When entering the bathroom, one should say: “Bismillah, allahumma innee a’oudhu bika minal-khubuthi wal khaba-ithi.” (Related by Bukhari and Muslim).

Which means: “In the Name of Allah, my God I seek refuge in You from the male and female devils.” And then enter with the left foot.

When coming out from the bathroom, he should advance the right foot, then say: “Ghufranak.” (Related by Abu Dawud, Tirmithi, ibn Majah). Which means: “I ask Your forgiveness”.

Q: Which du’aa should one say when eating?

Answer: Before eating one should say: “Bismillah”, and if he forgets and remembers during eating he should say: “Bismillahe awwalahu wa aakhirahu.”

It means: In the name of Allah in its beginning and in its end. (Related by Tirmithi).

Q: What du’aa should one say when wearing a garment?

Answer: “Alhamdu lillahi alladhi kasani hatha ath-thawba wa razaqaneehi min ghayri hawlin minnee wa la quwwatin.” (Related by Abu Dawud,Tirmithi, and Ibn majah).

It means: All praise is due to Allah Who has clothed me with this garment and provided it for me, with no power nor might from myself.

Q: What should one say when he Heaves home?

Answer: “Bismillah, tawakkaltu ‘alallah, laa hawla wa laa quwwata ilia billahe ta’ala” (Related by Abu Dawud, an-Nasaee,Tirmithi)

It means: In the name of Allah I place my trust in Allah, and there is no might nor power except with Allah.

Then he can say: “Allahumma inne a’oothu bika an athilla aw othalla, aw azil-la aw ozalla, aw athlima aw othlama, aw ajhala aw yujhala ‘alayya.” (Related by Abu Dawud, Tirmithi, an-Nasaee).

It means: O Allah I take refuge with You lest I should stray or be led astray, or commit a sin or be tripped, or oppress or be oppressed, or behave foolishly or be treated foolishly.

Q: What should one say after eating?

Answer: One should say “Alhamdulillah”, and can add: “Allahumma at’amta , wa asqayta, wa aghnayta, wa aqnayta, wa hadayta, wa ahyayta, falakal-hamdu ‘alaa maa a’tayta.” (Related by an-Nasaee)

It means: O Allah, You have fed, and You have given to drink, and You have enriched, and You have pleased, and You have guided, and You have given life, so for You is all praise for what You have given.

Q: What should one say before driving his car?

Answer: “Bismillah wal hamdu lillah, sub-haanallathi sakh-khara lana hatha wa maa qunna lahu muqrineen wa inna ila rabbina lamunqaliboon, alhamdu lillah, alhamdu lillah, alhamdu lillah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, subhanaka Allahumma innee thalamtu nafsee faghfir-lee fa innahu la yaghfiruth-thunuba ilia anta.”

It means: How perfect He is the One Who has placed this (transport) at our service and we ourselves would not have been capable of that, and to Our Lord is our final destiny…O Allah, verily I have wronged my soul so forgive me for surely none can forgive sins except You.

Q: Which du’aa should one say when entering his home?

Answer: He should say: “Bismillah, assalaamu ‘alaykum,” and he can add this du’aa: “Bismillahe walajnaa, wa bismilla-he kharajnaa, wa ‘alaa rabbinaa tawakkalnaa.”

It means: In the name of Allah we enter, and in the name of Allah we leave, and upon our Lord we place our trust. (Related by Abu Dawud).

Al-Jumuah vol.11 issue8