Imam Ahmad’s (RA) Respect For Imam Shafi’ee (RA)

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Imam Ahmad’s (RA) Respect For Imam Shafi’ee (RA)


Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal رحمه الله says:

“I haven’t slept for the last 30 years without having supplicated for Imam Shafi’ee and seeking forgiveness for him.”

‘Abdullah رحمه الله, the son of Imam Ahmad رحمه الله says:

“I asked my father, ‘What type of person was Imam Shafi’ee? For I hear you supplicating a lot for him.’ He replied, ‘O son! Imam Shafi’ee was like the sun to this world, and like health for the people. Now tell me, is there anything that can take the place of these two? Can they be replaced?'”

[al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi: Tareekh Baghdad, vol 2, pp 62 and 66]