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Assalamualaikum a family with 3 children and mother in law and father in law live together  all the money  which a father of three children earns are handed over to his mother ,,,and   all themanagement is in his  mothers hand is this the right way of managing a home???  and when his wife needs the money she should ask her mother in law or her husband whether this is according to shariya???


It is your husband’s duty to take care of you and to ensure that your necessities are provided for you. If he is doing this, then he is fulfilling his shar’I responsibility towards you. The manner in which he manages his finances should not concern you.

However, if he does not see to your necessities, and as a result you have to ask for money from your mother-in-law, then your husband is failing in his duty as a husband. Ideally, he should stipulate a monthly allowance for you.


Darul Iftaa

Madrasah In’aamiyyah


South Africa