The Merits of Seeking Forgiveness

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After praising Allāh Talaa  and sending salutations upon Nabī (Peace Be Upon Him), I want to inform my brothers that it is proven from the explicit texts of Sharī’ah that whatever calamities befall a person are primarily due to his sins, although outwardly it may be some other cause. This subject has been discussed in some detail in the preface of ‘Ílājul Qaht Wal Wabā’.

It is an accepted fact that the cure is sought from an antidote. According to this rule, the real cure for every problem is to refrain from sins and seek repentance for the past sins.

Even if one chooses the cure from a similar source, then too it is clear that every similar thing cannot be meant. It refers to a specific similar thing for the specifying of which a correct proof is required. Based on this, the explanation of this cure is that sin is one act. Hence the cure should be also an act. Through a correct proof, that act has been specified as repentance and seeking forgiveness.

The condition of our brothers is that they are preoccupied in complaining about problems, especially with regards to plague today. But very few ponder over this point and secret. Therefore as a means of propagation, advice and seeking good for others, I felt it suitable to pen down a short treatise regarding this subject and send it to the brothers so that the significance of its planning can be realized.