Number of rakats for Salah Duha

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Hazrat, what is the maximum number of rakats, that can be performed for this salah, and the ideal time to read it for maximum reward. If you can specify time instead of fiqh details i.e. how the sky must look etc – that will be better for me.





  1. The maximum number of Rakaats for Salatud Duha is twelve Rakaats.


  1. It can be performed anytime from after sunrise until before midday (Zawwaal).


 However, some Ulamaa are of the opinion that the Salaah performed immediately after sunrise is called Salaatul Ishraaq and the Salaah performed after quarter of the day has passed is called Salaatud Duha.


The calculation of this time is quite simple. In terms of Shariah, the day begins at the entry of the Fajr time and ends at sunset. So, passing of quarter of the day marks the entry of the Salaatud Duha time.


 For example, if Fajr time sets in at 5 a.m and sunset is at 5 p.m, the total day hours are 12. Quarter of 12 is 3. So, the time of Duha will be around 8 a.m. (the first 3 hours after the entry of Fajr time).


And Allah Knows Best.


Darul Iftaa Madrasah In’naamiyah