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Believe it or not; Porn is a problem faced by many today, especially the Muslims of today. It is a growing shameful act for a large number of people. Those who think this is not true, let me inform you that Muslim countries comes first in the numbers of its people watching porn videos. This means that this is a problem not only limited to the Western side of the world, but it spreads across the entire globe. And we cannot just turn a blind eye towards it anymore.

But let us focus on the addiction itself. What does it do to you, and how bad is it really? Does it make you psychologically crippled? Yes. Porn makes you psychologically disturbed. It turns you into an anti-social bug, leaving you with depression and many other psychological illnesses. It forces you to spend the money which you do not have, risk the relationships you cherish the most and disobey the One who has created you.

Its Affects

The constant exposure to porn makes you insensitive to it. In simple words, it is made up of filth, and from this filth you gain no respect for the opposite gender, and you create higher chances of sexual dysfunction for yourself. This is especially common in males, because once a male starts watching pornography, his brain is rewired to think that this is his ultimate source of sexual pleasure and he will turn to that rather than to his wife. In addition to that, he will start to consider sexual intercourse with his wife as a chore rather than a source of bonding and closeness.

Porn addiction makes one neglectful of their duties, isolates oneself from others and it causes depression. It causes anxiety and low self esteem. This is due to many reasons; one of them is that a person cannot find another of their liking, so they feel different from others. Another reason is that a person is so engrossed in his addiction that he cannot find time for anything else. Though porn may momentarily bring pleasurable experiences, in the long run, it leaves one with negative psychological experiences.

Did you know that the porn industry outdoes Microsoft, Google and Intel combined in profit?! They are a multi-trillion dollar industry! Are you wondering how they make so much money? As many of us know, once a person becomes an addict to something, he constantly craves it, and will do ANYTHING to have it. The same goes for porn. It is not free, and sometimes you have to pay for it. And once a person is an addict, they will find all sorts of ways to get the money to pay for it. For some, they have sold their jewelry and other expensive items to pay for it. I was reading an article about a man’s porn addiction from his wife’s perspective; “He had gotten a better internet connection as a ‘gift’ for the family due to the increase in the Internet bills.” However, it was really due to his ongoing porn addiction.

Whether a person is married or not, the porn addiction can ruin the relationship they are in. When a single person is addicted to porn, they may think its fine and they will give it up once they get married. But let us get real; once you are addicted to something do you give it up right away? Nope. So when the time of marriage rolls around for this individual and they get married, their spouse eventually finds out that they are a porn addict either by catching them, or noticing it in their words and actions. With that, the life of both the husband and wife is ruined. The trust between both is gone; insecurities and questions start to pour in.

May Allah protect us from this evil and guide the youth to those things which earn the pleasure of Allah, Ameen.

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