Prophetic Gems

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Prophetic Gems

Sayyiduna Anas Ibn Malik t narrates: Rasulullah r came to Madinah when I was eight years old. My mother took my hand and we went to Rasulullah r. She said, “O Rasulullah r, every male and female of the Ansār y has offered you a gift. I am not in a position to offer anything other than my son. Take him and let him serve you as you wish.” Sayyiduna Anas t says, “I served Rasulullah r for ten years. He never hit me nor did he abuse me or scold me or even frown at me.”

The first advice he rendered to me was, “O my son! Conceal my secret and you will become a true believer.” My mother and the wives of Rasulullah r used to ask me about the secrets of Rasulullah r and I would not inform them, neither will I ever inform anybody of the secrets of Rasulullah r.

Rasulullah r said, “O my son! Be particular about perfecting your wudhu and the two angels that are recording your deeds will begin to love you. It will also increase your lifespan.”

“O Anas! When you take an incumbent bath, do so thoroughly. You will come out from the bathroom free from sin.” “How do I do so, O Rasulullah r?” I enquired. Rasulullah r replied, “Wet the roots of the hair and clean the skin.”

“O my son! If you have the capability of continuously being in the state of wudhu, then do so, for verily the one who dies while in the state of wudhu will be given (the reward of) martyrdom.”

“O my son! Continuously offer salah. Verily the angels seek forgiveness for you as long as you are in salah.”

“O Anas! When you make ruku’, hold your knees firmly with your two palms, separate your fingers and distance your arms from your sides.”

“O my son! When you raise your head from ruku, let every limb of your body return to its natural state. Verily Allah I does not look at the one who does not straighten his back between the ruku’ and sajdah.”

“O my son! When you make sajdah, set your forehead and your palms firmly on the ground and do not rush like the rushing of a rooster and neither sit like a dog – or he said, ‘a fox’. Guard yourself from turning (your face) away in salah, for that will certainly lead you to destruction. If it cannot be avoided, then you may do so in the voluntary salah only and not in the fardh salah.”

“O my son! When you leave your home, greet every Muslim that you see. In this manner, you will return (home) totally forgiven.”

“O my son! Greet yourself and your family with ‘salam’ when you enter your home.”

“O my son! If you are able to, spend the morning and evening without bearing any ill-feeling in your heart for anyone. This will lighten your reckoning (on the day of Qiyamah).”

“O my son! If you follow my advice, nothing will be more beloved to you than death.” [Abū Ya’lā and Tabrānī in Al-Mu’jam As-Saghīr]

In addition to the above, the following appears in the narration of Tabrānī:

“O my son! When you leave your home, and you see any believer, regard him to be better than you. O my son! Indeed all of the above are my Sunnats (practices). Whoever revives my Sunnah, loves me and whoever loves me, will accompany me in Jannah!” [Majma’uz-Zawaid, vol 1, pg. 271]