Reciting Qur’an & Dhikir during Adaan

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Hazrat, is it sinful for one to be continuing to recite Qur’an or engaging in dhikir whilst Adaan is being performed?





All scholars are unanimous that when the Azaan is called out, one should terminate all his engagements, even the recitation of the Qur’an, and reply to the Azaan as instructed us in the Ahadith. However, there exists a difference of opinion on whether a verbal reply is Wajib or not.


According to some scholars like Imam Ibul Hummaam (rahimahullah), a verbal reply is Wajib and failing to reply to the Azaan is a sinful act.


According to Imam Halwaani (rahimahullah), proceeding to the Masjid at the time of Azaan is Wajib and a verbal reply is Mustahab. Hence, if  recitation of the holy Qur’an is going to cause one to miss the congregational Salaah, then one will be sinful.



And Allah knows Best


Darul Iftaa Madrasah In’naamiyah