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Assalaamu `alaykum i would like to know what is the view of the ulama with regards to the crescent moon and star associated with Islam because i recently read that symbol pre dates Islam and during the time of the Prophet (S.A.W) it was not used in fact according to what i read it 1st came in to use in Islam after the ottoman empire had conquered Constantinople from the Byzantium empire and they had adopted that particular symbol on the flag which was the flag of the city.


Muhtaram / Muhtaramah


In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāh wa-barakātuh.

The crescent and star as you have correctly stated, pre-dates Islam. Its initial attachment might have been with those worshiping the moon and stars.[1] Thereafter its attachment grew to be an emblem of Royalty and Authority. Its association with Islam is merely because it became the emblem of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century (reinterpreting it to be an emblem of Islam). The crescent and star although used by Muslims has no attachment to our Aqaaid (beliefs). Some attach an Islamic connotation as many laws of Islam are based on the lunar calendar such as: Ramadaan, Hajj, Islamic New Year etc.

And Allah knows best


Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah

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[1] Irving L, Markham J Geller, Sumerian Gods and their representations, Styx, 1997, P71.