How To Repel Poverty

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Mufti Muhammad Shafi Saheb [ra]


An easy prescription for the problems and poverty of the Muslims.



Today the problems which Muslims are facing are not concealed from a person with insight. It is as if poverty, bankruptcy, despicability and anxiety have become a distinguishing characteristic of the Muslims. The wise men of this Ummah are planning all kinds of cures for this devastating illness. However, sometimes the plan chosen is incorrect. As a result, instead of being a cure, it exacerbates the problem. Some plans are correct, but they are not practical nor are they within one’s reach.

I have presented some cures here taken from the words of Allâh U and His Messenger e. Undoubtedly, these words are free of any of the above-mentioned defects. There is no chance of these cures being incorrect or harmful. Whether they are difficult or not, one can put them into practice and see for oneself.

For the cure for poverty, I have chosen to translate the book, (أصول الرفق في حصول الرزق) of the famous scholar of the ninth century, Sheikh Jalālud-dīn Suyūtī. It is sufficient for this discussion.

For general calamities and problems, the book, (الفرج بعد الشدة) of the famous Imām, the leader of the Muhaddithūn, Ibn Abī Ad-Dunyā is an excellent and amazing work.

All praises are due to Allāh I that these two booklets have been translated with the necessary comments.

Allāh U is the one who grants the ability.

(Muftī) Muhammad Shafī’ (رحمه الله)

The leader of the authors, Sheikh Jalālud-dīn Suyūtī رحمه الله says, “Many people asked me to collate all the narrations from the authentic ahādīth relating to those actions and incantations which have been mentioned to increase sustenance and repel poverty and bankruptcy and which have been tried and tested. Accordingly, I am writing this booklet which I have divided into two chapters. The first chapter contains the aurād[1] and du’ās while the second chapter contains the actions which increase sustenance.”

[1] devotions