Significance of Hajj and its meaningful Benefits (extract from Fadhaail-e-Hajj)

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In the real and true state of haj there is as a matter of fact a pattern of two scenes, and in each and every act of haj there are two implied realities. In every one of Allah’s commands there are manifold benefits and much wisdom, of which the significances and deeper meanings are mostly of such depth that our minds cannot even conceive them. But many of the inner meanings on the other hand are such that everyone’s mind can comprehend. Haj is such that most of the significance and wisdom that lies in its each and every act is not easily understood, while many other of its meanings and wisdom can easily be grasped.

Firstly, haj depicts death; i.e. our departure from this world and the circumstances after death. Secondly, it gives a very vivid practical description of true love, devotion and adoration.