The Importance of Tawbah [book by Moulana Ahmad Chohan]

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Any action which is contrary to the commandments of Allah Ta’aala and earn His displeasure is a sin.

Although sins are categorised as “major” and “minor” one should bear in mind that to earn the displeasure of Allah Ta’aala is a major offence. Hazrat Ibne Abbas (radhiyallahu anhu) said, “Every prohibition is a major sin.”

Hazrat Fudhail Ibne Ayaaz (rahmatullah alaih) said, “The lighter one regards a sin the greater is its offence in the courts of Allah Ta’aala.”

Hazrat Muhammad Ibne Ka’ab (rahmatullah alaih) said, “The greatest Ibadah is abstinence from sin.”

The pious predecessors have said, “Sin is a conveyance to Kufr (disbelief). It invites towards kufr morals and actions.” (Ma’aariful Quraan).

Rights upon man are divided into two broad categories;

1) Huququllah i.e.the rights of Allah.
2) Huququlibaad i.e. The rights of fellow beings.

Transgression of these rights are regarded as sin in Islaam.

The rights of Allah Ta’aala are of two types, viz;

i) The obligations of Deen eg. Salaah, Qurbani etc.
ii) The prohibitions of Deen eg. consuming alcohol, music etc.