The Blessing Of An Educated Wife

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The Blessing Of An Educated Wife


Mufti ‘Abdul Qayyoom رحمه الله was the Mufti of his time when he resided in Bhopal, India. When dealing with social issues, he was often called upon to deliver a verdict. At times, he could not arrive at a clear answer based on the teachings of Islaam. Without any hesitation or fear of being labelled, he would casually say to the disputing parties, “Please bear with me a minute.” Sometimes, he would openly proclaim, “Wait a moment, while I seek the opinion of my wife.”

He would then walk into his home and discuss the matter with his wife, who was the daughter of Shah Ishaq رحمه الله, a scholar of high repute. He would ask her whether she had heard any hadeeth from her father regarding the matter and what her opinion was. He would then return and deliver his verdict. [Jawahir Pare, vol 1, p177]

* Fortunate are those couples who are blessed with the opportunity of jointly serving humanity, due to the knowledge which Allaah سبحانه و تعالى has blessed them with.

* Wise parents invest in the religious and spiritual nurturing of their offspring.

* One of the greatest bounties that a man can have is a righteous wife.

[Pearls from the Path]