The Cellphone Epidemic Desecrating the Masjid

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The Cellphone Epidemic

 Desecrating the Masjid

While the cellphone has brought great advancements and ease in communication, the spiritual harm it has wrought is tremendous as well. The advent of Blackberry or any cellphone  has exacerbated this harm to monstrous levels.

Today with a touch of a button, we communicate instantly to our business contacts and family, thousands of miles away, and with the touch of button we destroy our Imaan with movies, music and the now ever-present pornography. Not even the Masjid is spared of such filth. The situation has become so horrifying that this is the type of complaint we’ve received:

”Forget about people who mistakenly leave cell phones on in the mosque and the music goes on. People are chatting on BBM, whatsapp, Facebook , Instagram, telegram and other social media to girls/showing pictures of their girlfriends/models in bikini/internet etc. Trust me I saw this many many times happening. Even pornographic pictures.”( how many homes and marriages have broken because of this filth )

The Masjids are truly the most sanctified places on the earth. They are not the place for this type of activity. If we cannot show reverence to the house of Allah, then where on earth will we respect the commands of Allah?

For Allah’s sake, let us keep the sanctity of Allah’s house in front of us and refrain from such behavior.
Always remember your creator is watching you.