The Cellular Phone

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Hereunder is the introduction from the booklet, “Laws pertaining to the use of the cellular phone” which is a translation of the Urdu book, “Masaail-e-mobile” compiled by the Muftis of Mazaahirul Uloom, Saharanpur, India. The English rendering has been published by Madrasah Taleemudden, Isipingo Beach, South Africa.

It is an undoubted fact that the incorrect use of the cellular phone has caused and continues to cause great harm to the Ummah. It is perhaps for this reason that those who are against the use of the cellular phone become even more staunch in their view with the passing of each day.

With regards to the harms, consider for instance, the situation of a student of Deen (or any other student). He needs to have complete devotion, dedication and solitude. Thus, what good can there ever be for a student to possess a cell-phone when many associations and being in contact with many people is a fatal poison for his ta’leem and tarbiyat (nurturing). Apart from this, the cell-phone will be an additional financial burden on him.

Another severe harm of the cell-phone is that people who generally do not go to public places to listen to music, view Haraam films or watch other futile things out of shame and embarrassment, have found an easy and direct tool to engage in these vices.

Likewise, despite numerous announcements in the Masaajid, the sound of someone’s cell-phone invariably destroys the sanctity of the Musjid in almost every Salaah.

Another great harm of the camera phone is that people are able to very easily take photos of animate objects and other impermissible things.

Nowadays with the new cell-phones, one can easily connect onto the internet. Fitnah and immorality is now knocking on the doors of our homes, the places of Ilm and even the places of Ibadah. The heart of any Allah Ta’ala conscious Mu’min will shiver just at the thought of it.

In short, this little gadget has wreaked such havoc which other bigger inventions have not done. By means of the phone, weakness is very swiftly entering our Deen and Akhlaaq. How pleased the enemies of Islam must be to witness this?

Nevertheless, due to the fact that it is possible to use the cell-phone without engaging in Haraam, the Ulama have not declared a general ruling of impermissibility for the use of the cellular phone. It is also incorrect to say that people who use a cell-phone are void of piety.

For example, if a person sets his cellular phone on a completely normal ring tone and not a musical one, switches it off at the time of Salaah, avoids playing futile games on it, does not waste his valuable time and money watching sports or porn, etc., then none can stop such a person from using it. One cannot say that if a person has a cell-phone, then he certainly will be entrapped by all its evils and harms.

In this period of immense fitnah, there are thousands of Allah fearing people who use the cell-phone within the limits of Shariah strictly following the principle that “Necessity must be restricted to the extent of necessity.” They are an example to others and deserve to be complimented.

This booklet is a detailed discussion of the laws and limits within which one can use the cell-phone. Abiding by these laws will certainly help us to continue fulfilling the purpose of our creation (which is to recognize Allah Ta’ala and worship Him) and save us from the destruction of Akhlaaq (character) and spreading spiritual diseases.

The Cellular Phone