The hand that Gives is better than the hand that Receives

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Once Ibrahim bin Adham rahmatullahi alaih met Shaqeeeq Balkhi rahmatullahi alaih in Makkah Mukarramah and asked: “What made you devote all your time to the worship of Allah Ta’ala?” Shaqeeq rahmatullahi alaih replied: “I was once walking through a hot desert when I noticed a bird whose wings were broken off. I decided to wait and see how it would obtain food. I sat close by and watched carefully. After some time, another bird arrived and placed a locust into the mouth of the bird that could not fly. This made me ponder. The Being who sent a healthy bird in a dry desert land, is more than able to provide me with sustenance wherever I may be. I then left all forms of earning and devoted myself to worship.”

After hearing the story, Ibrahim bin adham rahmatullahi alaih asked: “O Shaqeeq, why did you not choose to become like the healthy bird? That would have been the better of the two options. Did you not hear the hadith of Nabi sallallahu alaih wasallam?

“The upper hand (the giving hand) is better than the lower hand (the receiving hand).”

It is the sign of a Believer that he strives for the best in all matters in order to reach the status of the pious servants of Allah Ta’ala.

Shaqeeq Balkhi rahmatullahi alaih attentively heard the advice and then grasped the hand of Ibrahim bin Adham rahmatullahi alaih saying: “You are our teacher!”    (Taareekhe Dimishk pg: 135. Vol: 23)