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Hazrat Ali replied:
"Since when has a slave the right
To put his Lord to the test?
And since when has a slave the courage.
o Foolish One, to test his Lord?
This is a right due to Allah alone
That at all times, He can test His servants.
If an atom on the side of a mountain, looking at the height of the    mountain says:
'I shall weigh you'.
Such atom should think that if it places the mountain on a scale, the scale itself will split. In this manner foolish ones having pride,
In their foolish notions try to weigh the Saints of Allah on their       scale.
When the high rank of the saints cannot be contained in the scales of these fools,
Then because of their behaviour, Allah destroys those scales
And makes them involved with further foolishness".
It is a point of experience that those people who act insultingly to these saints of Allah and object against them, their rational powers become daily deficient and their practical acts become less and less. May Allah protect us against that.
Moulana Rumi (R.A.) says: "When such thoughts and whisperings enter the heart, one should consider it as a sign of ill-fortune and a sign of destruction. In such a case, the following line of action should be followed:
"Immediately fall into prostration and begin crying lament fully, And seek refuge in Allah: 0 Allah, save me from such thoughts".
Lesson from this Story
If after towbah and crying before Allah, these thoughts still do not leave the mind, look upon them as whisperings from the Shaytaan. It is necessary that you consider them as bad. Purposely do not turn attention to these thoughts. Within a short while, Insha-Allah, those thoughts will disappear. However, you should always make duah and complain to Allah and ask the saintly ones to pray on your behalf.
Ma-aarif-E-Mathnavi – VOLUME 1