The Value Of Time

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The Value Of Time

Yahya Ibn Ma’een رحمه الله is recognised as a great scholar of the science of hadeeth. His knowledge of hadeeth was extensive. Experts, such as Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal رحمه الله, would say, “If Yahya doubts the authenticity of a particular hadeeth, then regard his opinion as authoritative.”

An interesting incident is quoted which displays his quest for knowledge and the importance he placed upon time. One day, he set out to acquire a hadeeth from Muhammad Ibn Fudail رحمه الله. As Muhammad Ibn Fudail رحمه الله began to narrate from memory, “Hammad Ibn Salamah has narrated,” Yahya رحمه الله stopped him and said, “I would prefer you to narrate the hadeeth to me by reciting it from one of your books of ahadeeth rather than from memory.”

It was not that Yahya رحمه الله doubted Fudail رحمه الله, who was an eminent scholar in his own right, but his care and caution in narrating only ahadeeth led him to make the request. Fudail رحمه الله, without any hesitation, stood up to enter his home and bring the particular book. While doing so, Yahya رحمه الله caught hold of his garment and requested, “Narrate it to me verbally first, as I fear that I may not live to have this opportunity again.”

Fudail رحمه الله then proceeded to narrate the hadeeth to him verbally and thereafter fetched the book and recited it to him again. [al-Musnad al-Jami’; Shama’il Tirmidhi]

Every moment of life is precious. [Pearls from the Path]