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One of the thieves said: “Friends, I have a special gift in my ears, that whenever a dog barks, I fully understand what he says.” The second one said: “I have a special gift in my eyes, that whatever I see in the darkness of night, I am able to recognise it in the light of day”. The third one said: “I have this specialty in my arms that through the strength that lies in my arms, I can make a hole in the strongest wall, to enter a … [Read more...]


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Kathy True Stories of American New Muslims I left Maryland school system as the chairperson of the Mathematics Department and joined the Islamic School of Seattle as Principal. Kathy was the Principal's secretary and very active as a Muslim worker in the community. She accepted Islam in her own unique way. This is how she narrated her story: "I was only in Elementary school when I went to the public library with my mother. These libraries do … [Read more...]

James Ali Abiba

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James Ali Abiba True Stories of American New Muslims I was teaching mathematics from 9th through to the 12th grade in Fort Meade High School in Maryland. I had to teach five groups of students daily. Each group consisted of about forty students. James Abiba was not enrolled in any of these classes. He contacted me through one of my students seeking permission to see me. I readily agreed. He asked me a few basic questions about Islam. I … [Read more...]

Imaam Siraaj Wahhaaj

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Imaam Siraaj Wahhaaj True Stories of American New Muslims Muslim Students Association (MSA) used to be umbrella organization for the Muslims residing in America and Canada. Over several years, many Muslim students became citizens of United States and made this country their future home. To serve the needs of these citizens, a new umbrella organisation came into being. It was named Islamic Society if North America or ISNA. Siraj Wahhaaj and I … [Read more...]

American Muslims – REHANA

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American Muslims - REHANA True Stories of American New Muslims There is a lot of mobility in America. It is estimated that on an average one family does not stay in one place for more than five years. In that sense my family was a true American family. We moved from Seattle to suburban Los Angeles, California. Our nearest Muslim neighbor was brother Abdul Wahab. We not only met in mosque daily but also regularly sharing a cup of tea. One day … [Read more...]

Yes I Converted – SAIFUDDIN

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Yes I Converted - SAIFUDDIN Yes! I converted to Islam and here is Why How was I committed to Islam? I was born in a German Christian family during the most ferocious part of World War II, in Berlin, in 1943. My family moved first to Spain, during the same year, and later in 1948, to Argentina. There I stayed for 15 years. I attended my grade and high school at the Roman Catholic "La Salle" school, in Cordoba, Argentine. As was to be expected, … [Read more...]