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Salaams, I am a Muslim guy wanting to marry a Christian girl, I have been informed that it is permissible to marry a Christian or Jew, however the Imaam at my local Musjid has informed my dad that I should rather force her to convert which I don't believe I should do. I do not need someone to do the South African Marriage registration as I can arrange this, all I need is for someone to do the Nikkah for us. Please can you assist me or if not, … [Read more...]

A girl gave permission to the imam on the phone

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Question Question1 a girl gave permission to the imam on the phone, to perform her nikah with a particular boy, so the imam performed the girls nikah in the presence of two male witnesses is the nikah valid? Question2 when the girl gives permission on the phone to the imam to conduct the nikah does two witnesses have to be present by her as well (when she is giving permission to the imam on the phone to perform her nikah) Question3 what is the … [Read more...]


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Question: Assalamalaikum, I'm Muhammad Suhail with a question that is marriage/nikah valid if it is done on Skype in the presence of witnesses and Qari and then I send her scanned copy of nikahnama (nikah document) with signatures of mine and witnesses so that she can do signature on same ? Jazakallah     Answer: No. Nikah over skype, telephone or any video conference arrangement will not take place. It is … [Read more...]

does this nullify the nikaah

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Question     Please can you direct me to someone that may be able to provide advise or confirmation on the question below, I have to give advise and guidance to the way forward – -          A step father has sexual intercourse with his step daughter, does this nullify the nikaah that the step father has with his wife ie step daughter’s … [Read more...]

is a differance between Mahr Fatimi

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Question     I have been informed that there is a differance between Mahr Fatimi and the Mahr which Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) gave his noble consorts. Is this true? If it is, how much exactly is each one in gold/silver and rands?       Answer   Muhtaram / Muhtaramah   In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāh wa-barakātuh. It is Sunnat … [Read more...]

I have performed Nikah over telephone

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Question   Iam 20 years old, and a muislim trying to do the best to practise his deen in the western world. So, Two days agi, I have performed Nikah over telephone with my cousine, there have been more then 5 witnesses and a hafez on both sides. The Hafez at her side performed the khutba and all that stuff...we listned just our part. But not the part of hers, when she said "qabool", But my relatives stated that she did...and her parents … [Read more...]