Feeding others on Aashuraa’ and Aashuraa gifts

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Question: Salaams Is it sunnat to feed other good food on 10th Muharam? Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum Wa-Rahmatullāhi Wa-Barakātuh.  There is a narration in which the Messenger of Allah ﷺ has mentioned: (من وسّع على عياله يوم عاشوراء، وسّع الله عليه سائر سنته) Translation: “Whoever increases the expenditure on his family on the Day of Aashuraa’, … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Offering at Least Two Rakahs of “Tahajjud” at Night on this blessed month of Zul Hijjah

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  Offer many extra prayers, as much as you can. Allah Ta’ala promised a great reward for offering extra acts of worship. The Prophet said: “Allah said, ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine. And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (praying or doing extra deeds … [Read more...]

make the best use of the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah

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In what follows are suggested ideas on how to make the best use of the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah: Repent to Allah Make a sincere repentance to Allah Ta’ala and promise Him that you will not do bad deeds again. This may be your last chance. You are not sure if you will live till next year. Pray at the Mosque Try to perform the five daily prayers in the mosque. If you have time after Fajr prayer, try to sit in the mosque, read … [Read more...]

Superstition & the Month of Safar

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Superstition & the Month of Safar   All praises to Allawh (Sub haa nahoo wa Ta’aalaa) and choicest blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammud (Sallal law hu ‘alay hi wa sallam). We are entering the second month of the lunar calendar. Sa-far with a “Sawd” either means ” To turn yellow’ or ‘To be empty/vacant’ . It was in Autumn when the leaves turn yellow or the homes of the Arabs were empty of their menfolk, that this month … [Read more...]

The Sacred Month of Muharram

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The Sacred Month of Muharram       By Mufti Taqi Uthmaani Muharram is the month with which the Muslims begin their lunar Hijrah Calendar. It is one of the four sanctified months about which the Holy Quran says, “The number of the months according to Allah is twelve months (mentioned) in the Book of Allah on the day in which He created heavens and the earth. Among these (twelve months) there are four … [Read more...]