Idaat Period for a Non-Muslim woman:

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Question: Assalamualikum Christian lady filed for divorce from Christian husband in July. In August, the court issued the decree of divorce. She wants to marry a Muslim brother. 1.  Does she need to wait three periods after divorce? 2.  If yes, should she count three periods from July or August? Jzkh Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum Wa-Rahmatullāhi … [Read more...]

Please advise me how to divorce him as he will not divorce me

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Question Salaams, this is my situation, I'm a citizen of Canada, 30yrs old and married my husband from India and sponsored him to come to Canada on a spouse visa. Our marriage was arranged and we both communicated with each other liked each other and agreed to marry so I went to India and we had our wedding ceremony, consummated the marriage and I returned to Canada waiting for his visa to be approved so that he could join me in Canada. Once … [Read more...]

I have divorced by ex-wife

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  Question   I have divorced by ex-wife because of her bedeeni lifestyle. I am writing to know the shari rulings with regards to (a) custody of my two sons (taken by their mother to the UK without informing me) and (b) my partly constructed house. In our divorce proceedings, we had an agreement in court  that the kids will stay with their mum and that I would see them every two weekends + Alimony. We agreed outside the court that I will take … [Read more...]

In quarrel with my wife she abuses me

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  Question   In quarrel with my wife she abuses me. In response I said her, ‘then do I say you Talaq’. I know that Talaq will be effective when I say three times and if I say one time then I will have only further two chances and if I say in future two more times Talaq the it will be effective and I can not meet my wife. My question is that, by saying the words, ‘then do I say you Talaq’, do I have lost one chance. I mean do I have now … [Read more...]

Can you please tell me if my spoken words or utterances of divorce statements to myself

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Question   In couple of your fatwas on divorce you said that usually repeating statements of divorce to yourself (without intending divorce) will not cause divorce. Can you please clarify this? I am suffering from a lot of divorce thoughts lately and due to these thoughts I find myself repeating divorce statements outloud to myself while driving or even taking a shower when i am alone. All this is talking to myself only with no intention to … [Read more...]

my question is 8 years ago my sister get hulla from court

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Ref no: 160# Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011 Category Divorce Title my question is 8 years ago my sister get hulla from court Question my question is 8 years ago my sister get hulla from court and her husband signed on all notices there are some disputes and misunderstandings between my sister and her husband they had a daughter now she is 8 yearsold .my sister wants to go to her husband just 4 her daughter .my … [Read more...]